Discover the Art of Custom Fit Garments

"A Revolution in Streetstyle by the SWAY® BRAND"

We've redefined the essence of streetstyle with our groundbreaking Signature Fit T-Shirt. This isn't just a garment; it's a declaration of distinctive fashion choices paired with proprietary fitting technology.

Fit for Every Form

The magic of our Signature Fit T-Shirt lies in its extraordinary versatility. Embracing diversity in body shapes, we've meticulously designed this piece to beautifully fit and visualise 18 distinct proportions.

Our custom fitment system transcends traditional sizing. By simply entering your weight and height, you journey through an intuitive tool that expertly guides you to not just a size, but a style revelation. Choose from 6 sizes, each available in 3 length options, to perfectly tailor the width and height to your unique silhouette.

Beyond Ordinary

Our Signature Fit T-Shirts are a testament to originality, far removed from the commonplace, mass-produced tees.

The hallmark of our t-shirt's resilience, is found in the additional stitching along each seam – a deliberate detail that elevates our garments above even designer offerings, a testament to our lasting quality and craftsmanship.

Every component was a decision for ensured longevity. We've applied poly-core cotton thread, which is remarkably unique. The polyester core of the thread offers a higher grade of strength, while the outer layer of the thread ensures a native touch, mirroring the cotton fabric of the shirt for an enhanced bond along every seamline. A fashion garment built to withstand the highest level of wear and tear.

A Fabric Like No Other

Our commitment to excellence in our choice of fabric. We opted for a designer-grade (230gsm) extra long staple thickened cotton, ensuring a luxurious winter-weight textile. The journey to this exceptional fabric involved the scrutiny of over 650 samples, underscoring our relentless pursuit of quality.

The Signature Fit T-Shirt

It's a commitment to impeccable style, comfort, and durability. We invite you to experience the celebration of individuality, quality, and the art of the perfect fit.

Welcome to the future of quality original streetwear garments, exclusively at SWAY® STORE!

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